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Brazil, a diverse country where three distinct cultures embraced each other and gave birth to the fascinating cuisine that reflects the portuguese, african and indigenous people that live together in this vast land.

Our Copacabana and the Ipanema breakfasts are a fine example of a dish that is as visually pleasing as it is mouth watering and tempts your taste buds.

Another popular choice too, is the Carioca breakfast consisting of panfried smoked Iberico pancetta, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and free range scrambled on a maize muffin. And maybe we can tempt you with a Bloody Mary to accompany it and kick start your day?

We are now well known for the best brunch in Brixton and for us it It’s all about providing every customer with an excellent brunch whether it is Brazilian or the best of the British classics. If it’s a snack you are after, then lazy afternoons are a treat at our little eatery with a selection of beautiful homemade cakes baked daily, and delicious sandwiches prepared to order. Perhaps a nice cappuccino with that?

All sounds too good to resist doesn’t it?

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Dinner Menu

In our restaurant, our guests can enjoy traditional dishes like our popular feijoada, the chargrilled spicy chicken , mouth watering chargrilled beef and bacon skewers with bell pepper and onion served with cassava fries, or beef rib croquettes with Brazilian churrasco sauce to name but a few.

And believe it or not Brazilians can be vegetarians too. Although they are a small minority of the people of Brazil, the trend of eating less meat is slowly catching on. Check our menu to see what we offer if meat is not your thing.

And of course you can’t go past Brazils’ national cocktail, the caipirinha to start or complete your meal. Once prescribed for patients of the Spanish Flu, and still the best way to stay healthy and happy!

As Carmen Miranda would sing

“I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, I like you very much.”

“I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, I think you're grand.”

Yes, you can also download a version of our dinner menu by clicking above


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by; Tikki Chris

Cakes and Tea

by; Rosana Mcphee

Pulled beef burger

by; fastfoodlondon


by; Leyla Kazim

Courgette Frittata

by; Maurilio Goncalves


by; Chefeusebio

Spicy half chicken

by; Katy Riddle


by; Lucineia's Brasil

Grilled Chorizo

by; annixontong

Carioca is all about authentic Brazilian food.
At our restaurant we pride ourselves with the fact that the food we serve is freshly prepared by our chefs in house using fresh ingredients and all served with a friendly Latino smile.
A bit of history...
Close your eyes and think of Brazil. What comes to mind? Christ the redeemer overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Or is it the Sugarloaf mountain? Perhaps the famous Ipanema or Copacabana beach. Although there is more to Brazil than any of the previously mentioned, these are immediately associated with Brazil by a lot of people around the world. For that same reason we chose Carioca as the name of our restaurant. Carioca is a Brazilian adjective used to refer to the native inhabitants of the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. The original word “kara’ ioka”, comes from the indigenous Tupi language meaning “white man’s house”. These were the houses of the first Portuguese settlers. Carioca people are a friendly breed and are famous for inventing a few sports, music, and dances. Our idol, however is the Cariocan “bombshell” Carmen Miranda, whom we have proudly made the symbol of our restaurant.


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Munch Club


"So, you’re telling me that there’s somewhere that I can get two for one Caipirinha’s on a Friday night whilst stuffing my face with authentic Brazilian cuisine?
In Brixton?"

GT Magazine

Ryan Butcher

"Carioca is a sparkling little gem in Brixton’s world-famous market – with food that’s bursting with colour, flavour and passion – where you’ll be fed like kings and treated like family. "

Feeding Franklin


"They have a fairly hefty breakfast menu which includes all the classics as well as some Brazilian options, with the same kind of concept for the lunch/dinner options, so would be keen to try it for dinner at some point."

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Let's meet again for more Caipirinhas.


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